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Theta Healing is a powerful form of energy healing.
Healing operates anywhere, anytime, whether remotely or in person.
Currently, I offer healing sessions via phone or Skype to ensure that we all remain as safe as possible

On your first session we can:

Connect you to the energy of
The Universe /The Divine

Improve your ability to heal faster

Connect you to Unconditional Love

Do a timeline healing for your soul

Heal you as a "baby in the womb" when you were in your mother's womb

Update other beliefs e.g. self esteem beliefs

Improve your ability to Give and to Receive
and even more!

Theta healing is like a "software" update for your mind and soul.
You can clear old programs/beliefs and feelings and create new ones.
We can work on clearing ancestral blocks and family energy patterns, too.
I've enjoyed facilitating around 1500 Theta healing sessions now and watched so many people's lives change for the better.

What clients have said about their Theta Healing sessions...
"I used to feel apathetic and mentally tired from replaying old negative 'programs' from my early childhood. Many of them have been cleared now after only 6 sessions of Theta healing with Mo. I noticed changes in myself after just 1 session.
I feel much happier, calmer, I laugh more, definitely have more energy and more mental clarity without repetitive thoughts, which is a massive relief for me. I really appreciate Mo's work".
Adriana, Health Administrator, London

"I got connected to The Divine. I still have a long way to go, but I have started my journey my meditating everyday and loving everyone. I feel more love inside me, and I am committed to let it grow inside me. Mo, I owe you my life, you sent all this energy and I feel I have been set on a path that will lead to self discovery and love. It feels like a miracle." Ipshita, PhD student, Alaska

"Mo instantly made me feel at ease when I went to see her for my first Theta session. I felt stuck with my business and within myself. After my first session I felt as if a huge cloud had been lifted and I could breath for the first time. I had lifted blockages and unhelpful beliefs sitting there since early childhood. Absolutely wonderful! It was a joy working with her and I would definitely recommend Theta Healing it is fantastic."
Lisa, Dyslexia specialist, London

    This is what we do in a session,
    based around coaching-style conversations:
  • Identify unconscious beliefs, fears and blocks that you have
  • Explore what is holding them in place
  • Clear them for you
  • Choose empowering beliefs for you
  • Install them for you in your unconscious mind

Sessions are £100 - allow 90-120 minutes

We clear blocks and create new beliefs and feelings around being able to:
Give and Receive
Give and Receive Love
Heal on all levels
Experience Unconditional Love from a Higher Source / Energy
Feel safe in all aspects of your being
Create healthy, loving relationships
Feel connected to a Higher Source / Energy
Feel deserving, worthy and good enough
Any issues that you have (e.g. clear the past with mother / father / family)
Childhood issues ( including clearing trauma and memory of abuse of any kind)
Physical ailments and conditions (clear cellular memory of shock, trauma, pain)
Balance Eating issues ; your relationship with your body
Create Life purpose ; create fulfilling work
Manifesting abundance in your life
And plenty more..!

Here's a FREE Theta healing meditation for create more self love and self esteem.....please enjoy click here to go to youtube

From more clients..
"I went to see Mo to see if she could help me lose my unhealthy eating habits. I had got out of the way of sitting down and eating 'proper' meals, rather I was in the habit of grazing during the day and often late at night. The result was an over-taxed digestion system that never got a chance to do its work properly.
I was blown away by the results. From the very first Theta Healing session I felt different - I can't explain in what way exactly, just different.
I ended up having 6 sessions with Mo - although I suspect I may have been 'cured' from as soon as session 1! Each session tended to take me off in different directions and come up against other 'stuff'' going on. Thank you Mo!"
Catherine, Yoga teacher and raw food specialist, London

"It felt like my head was full of unwanted items. And then it emptied! Just
brilliant!! I felt so light and clear.
My reactions towards situations that in the past that would have annoyed me or upset me now seem not to bother me.
I almost done with studying the massage course and I've started already seeing myself in
that role and making my advertising to people. A Big change for me :-).
For all those wonderful changes I wanted to say a big thank you! It was very
relaxing and comforting working with you in such a personal level.Bless you!"
Christina, Massage therapist

"I felt safe and secure. Mo supported me through the process with her sensitivity and compassion. I was just so surprised that after just having one session so much shifted. By not repeating the same old patterns, my situations began to change for the better. I booked a package of four sessions and it was well worth it. I have had other therapies and healings before, but I have to say nothing as effective and as quick as Theta healing. I feel more at peace and comfortable in my own body." Beverley, counselling student, London

"I found the Theta Healing session to be a profound experience. There is one best way to describe how I felt afterwards - perhaps for the first time in my life - fully re-incarnated. I felt very much here, on Earth, and very grounded. I was one whole, fully present being. I had this instant light, happy feeling that a burden has been lifted. I felt comfortable around others for the first time and the anxiety has significantly decreased. It is amazing how easily Theta healing can release trapped emotions - and I am your true testament!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Gergana, Marketing specialist, London

"I'm so impressed with the big steps I walked with just one theta healing session.
I was astonished there were still pieces and bits of what I've worked on and through several other of times, hidden somewhere inside and beside me . Mo is really practical. I had the chance to go through and explore deep themes like the death of a brother, family pattern and taboo. Not to mention child abuse.
Mo is gentle, patient, vigilant and able to listen in a deep and caring way. I found doing Theta Healing with Mo extremely revitalizing.
It's like opening the window and inviting the Spring in when you've just passed or survived one or more storms or an earthquake."
Francesca, Photographer

Sessions are £100 - allow 90-120mins
Book in today!

What is Theta healing?
Theta Healing is an energy healing technique that works at the atomic level, creating change from the mind, down to the molecular level of the body.
Old patterns can be cleared emotionally, mentally and physically. New patterns can be created to move forward without re-living the past.

How does Theta healing work?
We have a coaching-style series of conversations that focus on the issues that you would like to change. I explore times in the past where you have learned specific unconscious beliefs that you may have, that are not useful. You may have learned them through your upbringing, your culture or through society. Here are some examples of un-useful beliefs: "I feel alone", "I am not good enough", "I don't deserve a loving relationship."
Once these un-useful beliefs are identified, I ask your permission to clear them and then to change these beliefs into positive, useful beliefs like: "I am good enough", "I know what it feels like to live without feeling alone" and "I am part of something"" and "I deserve a loving relationship".
I do this by going into the Theta brainwave - a level of consciousness that allows spontaneous creative change to occur. I release any shock, trauma, unwanted emotions (anger, shame, guilt,etc), clear unwanted memories and update your body, mind and emotions, leaving you freer and more balanced.

With updated, empowering beliefs in place, you are free to create better relationships, healthier finances and abundance, a healthier body, find a compatible partner, improve your communication skills, find direction, improve your business or whatever dreams and goals you wish to fulfil.

What will I experience?
During the session, you may be aware of sensations in your body, such as tingling or feeling more light-headed. You may not experience anything at all. Many people comment on how peaceful they feel during a session. You may feel tired after a session, as your mind is literally "re-wiring" it's synapses to install your new beliefs!

Often after 24-48 hours, there is a sense of feeling different or noticing that you not re-running the same old thoughts and beliefs around an issue, but are running a new, more positive set of thoughts and beliefs. You may contact me to discuss anything from the Theta Healing session.

How often do I come for Theta Healing?
I would strongly recommend a course of two, three or four sessions to kick-start the "new, improved you". People often report how much they have shifted their blockages and feel and act more positively after a course of sessions.

Feel free to email me or phone me to discuss how Theta Healing in North London can help you to feel more fulfilled and content.
evening appointments are available until 9pm.
0208 0208 829 9156
07875 221017

All treatments are available for male clients, when referred by personal referral from a female client I already know.

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