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Theta Healing

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I am trained in many therapies and find Theta healing to be most effective for "shifting stuff". I am currently offering Theta healing sessions by phone, WhatsApp (video) or Skype, as energy healing can work effectively whether we meet in person or remotely.

I myself have theta healing sessions by phone and participate on sessions via Facebook live.
This ensures that we can all stay as safe as possible whilst the rates of infection are high in London.
If you haven't experienced healing virtually, be assured that energy operates beyond time, space and physical proximity.


Here's a FREE Theta meditation .....
to create more self love and self esteem.....
please enjoy click here to go to youtube

Here's a FREE Theta meditation .....
on Celebrating You!
please enjoy click here to go to youtube

I am also an artist and paint regularly.
Please check out my ‘Mo's healing art shop’ page for details of my Zoom offerings in expressive arts!

These sessions are to "play", explore and nourish your creativity and self care. No previous experience necessary. When we are in a safer place, I shall open the doors to 1:1 in-person sessions, in Bounds Green, Enfield, for a colourful, soulful, expressive paint and play experience.

See ‘Mo's healing art shop’ page for details.

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A client review after Theta healing:
'When I first went to see Mo, I was a bundle of confused and erratic energy. I had tried many different 'clearing' methods previously, but nothing had any profound effect. However, after having just one Theta session, my life began shifting into a more positive space. There has been a drastic transformation from the person that I was once was, to the person I am today. I finally feel that I am freeing myself of negative beliefs that were once stopping me from growing.
Mo's compassion and talents know no bounds and her dedication to healing her client is heart warming. I am forever grateful to her'.
- L.M-P

I am a qualified adult education teacher
I have trained 4,000+ students, just like you! You can click here to see me!

A recent review from a client of Theta
"Mo has been absolutely fantastic with me, as someone who is quite new to healing, she has made me feel extremely comfortable, safe and welcome to this journey. I am embarking on. Having felt quite conflicted about a number of personal issues, Mo has given me a centred focus to align myself with and has shown me the path to deepening the relationship I have with myself through healthy and fulfilling measures. Mo has great insight, respect and understanding to any situation I share with her. She offers a very approachable, warm and non judgemental environment for me to feel open. I always feel centred and grounded after my sessions, and I leave with a positive outlook and fresh new perspective and approach. I would highly recommend Mo as someone who is a newcomer to a journey of self love and self awareness - Mo has been a blessing to my journey!" - Kam, web designer

Thanks to phone and Skype, I have clients locally, from all over London and Worldwide.

Another client review of Theta healing
"I can't believe it happened for me. It's been such an amazing journey for me and Mo's help has been fantastic. It worked for me" Nittish

Feel free to email, phone or text me
for further information or to book a session;

evening appointments are available until 9pm.
0208 829 9156
07875 221017

I do NOT treat MALE clients at present, unless referred to me by a female client I already know

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